---A new compact primary AC-DC transfer standard based on the fast-reversed DC method. ---


1. Evaluation of thermoelectric transfer difference of a thermal converter
2. AC-DC difference comparison measurement of thermal converters
3. Generation of precision ac sine-wave (1V - 10V, 10Hz - 1MHz)
4. Calibration of ac voltage (using external DC voltage standard)


1. Thermal Converter (TC module)
2. Fast-Reversed DC source (FRDC module)
3. Precision Digital Sine-wave Synthesizer (DSS module)
4. Power Supply with USB-Interface (PS/USB module)


1. Measurement Monitoring over Internet
2. Easy operation by fully automated measurement
3. Compact, transportable system


1. Establishment of primary ac-dc transfer standard
2. International comparison at highest level of accuracy (@3V, up to 1MHz)
3. Calibration of ac-dc standard instruments such as Fluke 792A (at 1V to 10V)
4. Calibration of precision ac voltmeter such as Agilent 3458 (at 1V to 10V)

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