SQUID magnetometers are very widely used for characterization of magnetic materials or superconductors. The low temperature limit of all the magnetometers in the market, including non-SQUID types, is not lower than 1.8K. This is not sufficient for a certain class of materials such as single-molecule magnets, organic magnets/superconductors, and heavy-fermion superconductors, which show exotic properties only at extremely low temperatures. IQUANTUM product, "iHelium3", is an installed-on-demand attachment to the de facto standard SQUID magnetometer; it lowers the temperature of the sample down to below 0.5K using 3He. The whole measurement procedure, from condensation of 3He gas to data acquisition, is fully automated.

Application Note
The He3 Thermometer [ IQM01-003-01 ].


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"Low Temperature Static Magnetization of an Organic Ferromagnet, b-p-NPNN", N. Shirakawa and M. Tamura, to be published in Polyhedron.

Open Patent
"Apparatus for measuring electromagnetic characteristics" US Patent 6,768,300.

IQUANTUM is an official technological licensee of AIST, Japan.